Artowood has many sizes and dimensions to fit with all kind of wood design. The main application areas are decking, wall panel and ceiling. The thickness selection is very much importance to ensure that the wood can sustain the load apply on itself. Such as, decking much has at least 1" thick on the span of 12" (on center) otherwise the support gap must be adjust to prevent creep effect on material. Thus, different thickness and wood direction to use very from design to design.  Don't worry, call us now we are here to help you determine the suitable way to use our wood. 


Arto has the colors mixed inside the formulation to make sure that every bit of our product has the same color across the profile. The standard color are Oak, Dark brown, Light brown, and yellow.  However, there are two more options to fit your design color which are Remix new color, or apply wood stain of your choice. The surface of Arto come in 4 possible texture as follow: 

  • Natural color means the pure of wood raw material without color pigment mixed.
  • Emboss surface is the light 3D heat print pattern for realistic look, recomment for area that do not have traffic or touch, otherwise the 3D print will wipe out.  This surface only good for wall and ceiling application.
  • Terrace surface is the most popula texture of our products where it can be sand and bruch with metal brush.  This surface is very eary and low maintainance required. It good for all area of use (deck, wall, and ceiling)
  • Classical surface is the shinny glossy look which has the effect right from the manufacturing line.  This surface is not be brush or sand and only good for the use of less touch such as wall and ceiling.
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