Laminated Wood and SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) are two materials commonly used in flooring and home building materials. They have different features and applications as follows:

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials used in home interiors or buildings.

Cleaning artificial wood is easy and can be done in the following ways.

Wood Plastic Composite Flooring (WPC)

Ideas for flooring 'Artificial wood' eliminates slippery problems when it rains.

What makes 'artificial wood' different from real wood? is a scientific production process That has brought engineering technology into the mix called Soft Decking Floor until it has the property of weight distribution when walking. That can support more than 100 times the weight and also absorb the force to help support the feet while walking on the racket. causing no feeling of hardness

Eliminate slippery problems when it rains.

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring has many advantages that make it a popular flooring choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Why do homes with pets use SPC flooring?

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