Why do homes with pets use SPC flooring?

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 Why do homes with pets use SPC flooring?

1.Anti-scratch When dogs and cats run and play Or have a scratch on the floor, don't worry because SPC flooring has a Wear Layer layer to prevent scratches.

2. The texture is like a real wooden floor, making it not slippery. If the floor is too slippery, it affects your dog's health. can cause hip bone disease and joints of animals can be damaged

3. Easy to clean mites residual dirt In any house where pets are born, dogs and cats do not urinate in the spot provided by the homeowner. That's okay because SPC is easy to clean. Just mop the floor with clean water. It also saves money by not having to buy deodorant spray.

4. Moisture resistant, waterproof, termite proof, when your pet urinates on the floor. You can be confident that the floor will not swell because SPC is moisture-resistant, does not swell, is termite-proof, eliminating the problem of swelling of wooden floors that can easily occur when exposed to water.

5. There is a layer of foam foundation to help absorb sound. and make your feet comfortable when stepping on or touching

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