The difference between laminated wood and SPC wood

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The difference between laminated wood and SPC wood

Laminated Wood and SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) are two materials commonly used in flooring and home building materials. They have different features and applications as follows:

1. Construction of materials.
- Laminated Wood: has a structure that consists of several layers of laminated wood that are pushed together by standard steel. It has good strength and stability. 
- SPC (Stone Polymer Composite): Consists of layers including artificial stone layers. Make it strong and durable to bear weight and impact.

2. Moisture and wet resistance.
- Laminated Wood: Resistant to moisture and wet, but should not be used in areas with a lot of water or high humidity.
- SPC (Stone Polymer Composite): Due to the artificial stone layer, SPC is more resistant to moisture and wet than laminated wood. and suitable for areas that may be frequently wet.

3. Installation:
- Laminated Wood: Installation may take more time and expertise than SPC.
- SPC (Stone Polymer Composite): has a more convenient and quick installation system than laminated wood. Can be installed by a click-lock method.

4. Variety in patterns and colors:
- Laminated Wood: More variety in patterns and colors than SPC.
- SPC (Stone Polymer Composite): A variety of patterns and colors are available. But maybe not as diverse as laminated wood.

5. Expenses:
- Laminated Wood: usually has a higher price than SPC.
- SPC (Stone Polymer Composite): Usually priced lower than laminated wood.

When selecting materials for the grazing area, the needs and conditions of the premises such as the amount of wetness, strength required, and installation should be considered. to select the most suitable material for your animal husbandry.

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