Why is SPC interior flooring so popular nowadays?

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Why is SPC interior flooring so popular nowadays?

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials used in home interiors or buildings. Looks like parquet, but has different technical characteristics.

The meaning of the term SPC is Stone Polymer Composite, it is composed of a variable layer (wear layer), a middle layer (core layer) and a water-bearing layer. (underlayment), where the middle layer is a combination of vinyl stall and stone powder, making it strong and durable. can withstand heavy use and the bottom layer is foam (Foam) for sound absorption and supports more impact force than pargent wood.

As for the beauty of wood, SPC flooring is priced roughly in the middle between parquet wood and ceramic tiles. It has a variety of patterns, different colors and can be easily customized to the desired look. It is also resistant to sunlight, humidity and water leakage. This makes it suitable for different areas of the home or office.

Installing SPC flooring is quick and easy. And there is a splicing system that makes installation easy. and to make the product more durable Many models also come with a soundproof system that helps reduce noise in the house as well.

Durability, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness are reasons to consider when looking for interior flooring. However, the selection of suitable floor materials also depends on the needs and usage of each house or building. Consulting with an expert in this field is always advisable.


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